Saturday, February 14, 2009

So Thankful.....

Well, the day started off good on Friday, had lunch with a good friend, Bill and I got a NEW washer and dryer....which we had been thinking about doing anyways, but then my dryer went out on it was pretty much fate that we get NEW ones......we decided to go ahead and get the big Front loaders and figured in the long run, this would save us some $$ on our water & Electricity Bills!! So we went to Lowe's and got the Electrolux largest capacity Washer and Dryer.....which was my idea, anything to help with the laundry, because I get so behind with it all. This is the set we got.....
ISLAND WHITE {I would have loved another color, but not spending the extra $500 for another color, but we did get the Pedestals}
$1,299.00 MSRP
IQ-Touch™ ControlsThe IQ-Touch™ control panel offers all the cycles/options you need - including a 'My Favorite' setting.
Fastest Wash and Dry Times²18 minutes to wash, 18 minutes to dry - so your clothes are ready before you are.
Largest Capacity Dryer2Dry the most in one load and eliminate extra trips to the laundry room.
Luxury-Dry™ SystemExceptional temperature control helps protect fabrics and keeps clothes looking great.
Gentle Tumble™ DryingOur exclusive dryer design gently separates and tumbles clothes for even drying.
Luxury-Quiet™ sound packageLets you do laundry anytime and no one will notice.
Even More Innovative Features
Delay Start
Touch-2-Open™ door
Signature blue LED lighting
Last cycle recall
Control lockout
Optional Pedestal Drawer
I can't wait to get these, they are going to be delivered on Monday...Woohoo :)

Then on my way home from Lowe's, I was rear-ended.....I think she was going about 30-35 and I was about stopped and she ran straight into the back of my car....she was in a really low older Mazda sports car and basically went up under my trailblazer....really not much damage to my car, that we can see, but alot to her car though....her front lights were smashed, front hood, etc.

I'm just thankful that I didn't have any kids with me....luckily Danielle had stayed after school for a Valentine's Dance, so I didn't have her or the other boy that I normally pick up everyday and Kaleb rides home with a thankful for that!!!
I had alittle neck pain and a headache last night, but today seem to feel better, except for the headache, so I will probably go get checked out on Monday, to be just safe. So that is basically my drama for the

On other NEWS.....Survivor has started again, woohoo.....which means the "Survivor Challenges" over at Tallyscrapper are BACK ON, these are probably my favorite challenges that we excited!!!! Come check them out!!!!

Also, a few layouts that I have done recently.....
**We have a contest running over at Treasured Scrapbooking, "We Love Our Members"......this was my layout for Week One, I'm just playing along, but not entering b/c I'm on the DT....

The title is "Life is like a Box of Chocolates"....

I also did the Challenge over at "Category Stories" this month......

And lastly....of my sweet Kaleb when he broke his "Other" arm just a few weeks ago. This layout is using the FabUlous January Kit from Tallyscrapper.

Have a great weekend and until later...............


Shirley said...

So glad you're ok after your accident! Looks like some awesome new appliances girl!

Nikki said...

I'm so glad you weren't hurt! Love your new washer and dryer! And of course, the pages ROCK! (as always) Hugs!

latte_grande said...

Whooot!! Hot damn, those are some fine lookin' appliances! Can I come do laundry at your house? lol
Hope your poor head is better today after getting rear-ended. Sheesh! At least it didn't bang your car up too bad. Let us know what the doc says!

Eva said... much going on. So glad you ok after the accident! And look at those awesome appliances, they would make me very happy, too. And your layout are just stunning!!!!

JoEllyn said...

Our dryer went out Thursday too!!!! Must ahve been in the air!! Glad you were all ok!!!!

Michelle Lanning said...

love thos waher and dryers -- you will defintely like washing when you get those! Glad that you were not hurt in the accident!

just lisa said...

love your layouts and that washer and dryer - I need new ones too!!

Glad you were okay in the accident - scary!

Take Care!!

TraceyT said...

What beautiful, beautiful pages. You are going to love your front load machines!!

Glad to hear noone was hurt in that accident!!

Amanda Winchester said...

That washer and dryer look awesome! Love your gorgeous LOs!! Thank goodness no one was hurt in your accident and you didn't have your kids with you!

Dolores said...

love your layouts Laura, so sorry to hear about your accident. I hope you're feeling better today.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful layouts. Thanks for stopping by the blog and playing with us. Can't wait to see your creations. :) Jenn

Michelle said...

Glad you are okay!
nice washer & dryer is it crazy that getting a new washer & dryer can make you so happy :)
Love your pages love the Life is like a box of chocolate love the colors beautiful!

Michelle said...

oh forgot to tell you i've tagged you check out my blog for the details ;)

Pamela Ann said...

Hey,that funny.We just bought a new washer/Dryer too!! Front loaders too,very similiar to the ones you got. Just different colors.We got ours at Sears.Ours still works but were 17 years old!
That aweful about the wreck.It's good to be up in a high vehicle if you gotta be hit. Glad no one was hurt. Love the pages :o)