Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Being Creative and having fun....

So are YOU doing any FUN scrapbooking
challenges this summer???
well over at Tallyscrapper,
we have started a NEW Challenge called

"So You Think You Can ScraP"

and the first Challenge was
so MUCH is my first layout...

There are 4 different teams and each team basically has the
same challenge expect for a few different elements...
for Team Nikki/LJ, we had
to do:
**8.5x11 size Layout
**use paint
**Our color scheme was blues
**and use a wallet size photo
AWESOME challenge!!!

So I got my July Kit from Tallyscrapper
and can I just say....
IN LOVE with it!!!
The colors, the vintage feel...check it out...

"Tallyscrapper July Kit, Watson"

Here are a few of my layouts
using this fabulous
"Country Girls"

"Kids Day" I used the July 7th sketch from Sassy lil' Sketches for
this layout...

Also, a NEW Challenge is up over at DirtyScraps...

Challenge 14: IMPACT

Here is my layout for this challenge using
the July Kit from Tallyscrapper...

"You will never know the IMPACT that you have had on me"

Also, here is a sneak Peek of my layout for ScrapFit WO#25
that will be up on 8/1...(Make sure to come back to see
the full reveal!!!)

Have a Wonderful Week!!!!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer fUN!!!!

Well, its been awhile since
I've actually
BLOGGED and I have
SO much to share...
first off, we went to Springfield, MO
for Vacation to Bill's sister, Amy and her
family...we had so much
FUN...(I'm ready to go back again NOW)
We we first got there, amy had a
surprise Birthday Party for Bill
and he was alittle clueless, even with
ALL of the balloons around, he
still didn't get it....duh....

Bill and Amy...

the whole gang....

the next day, Amy and Rob took
us to this Restaurant, Lamberts...

this was so much fUN, they have got the best
ROLLS that I've ever had plus they just dont'
come to you with your dinner....the waiters come
out with a cart full and they throw them across
the room to you, just raise your hand.
Of course, I missed the
first one that was thrown to me...OOPS!!
of course, the kids loved this....

of course, there was abit of a wait to get in,
but the kids had a fun time playing checkers,
climbing over the fence....

these kids are so funny....they are
too cute!!
The kids had a great time in Amy & Rob's pool...
they spent hours in there....
even Emma had to get into the action and
started jumping in the pool by herself
(she wouldn't dare do it), till she started
seeing the older kids jump in and she
didn't want to be left out...

We had such a GREAT

Bill and Kaleb having some pool fun ;)
this is one of my favorite photos from the trip...
I just lOVE the expression DJ has on her face...
she and her Uncle Rob, have this love/hate
relationship...they love to pick on one another,
they crack me up :)
We had such a GREAT time!!!
I've also been scrapping abit since I've been home...
check out my lastest creations...
I did this layout for the current challenge over at MME's Blog...
Get all of the Details for the Sketch challenge HERE
Here is my layout for this Challenge...
"Ride the Wave"

I'm in love with the MME"So Sophie" Collection, I just love the colors.
Here is another layout I did using this collection....
"Peace Out Yo"
It seems like whenever I take a photo of my daughter
these days, she is always giving me the peace sign and I asked
her what she was thinking when she does this and this is what she said
"Peace Out Yo'". Okay?!! Teenagers!!!
Have a GREAT week!!!