Monday, September 29, 2008

Alittle behind in my blogging.......

I haven't gotten to spend alot of time to scrapbook lately, much less are some of my recent layouts I've done....Here's Week ONE for the Survivor Challenges over at Tallyscrapper...Come Check them out!!!! Our first challenge was to do:
*12x12 layout
*must have a stitched edge
*must have a paper pierced tree
*include an owl, bird, hedgehog or deer
*have 2 photocorners
*journal on a cloud
*3 photos
*and the title must be "Life is Beautiful"

Whoa, that was a challenge and I think I might have goofed, hmmmm...can you figure out where???

My new favorite photo of my two babies, will have to get this photo enlarged and framed!!

This one was a easy one to do of Kaleb, because he was getting in so much trouble last week....."How many times do I have to tell you NO!!" Doesn't he just scream TROUBLE!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's been CRAZY!!!!!

Well, most of you know that Kaleb's surgery went great on Friday, besides being really sick from the anesthesia, the boy was begging me to stop off at McDonalds and get him lunch, mind you, he had just gotten sick in the car...but he was determined to eat...that's my boy for ya!!! He did really well with the pain. He has had NO pain medicine since early Saturday morning. They did give him his rods....I will have to take some pictures of them, he wants to frame them. We go back to the doctor tomorrow for his Post-Op appt and then again in a month...just to confirm everything is good to go....thank goodnes, its been a long 5 months!!! Awww, look at my little man, looks like he's on drugs, actually he was.....Tylenol with Codeine....feeling NO PaIN!!!!

Well, on another note, it has been ONE rough week for Danielle...last week, we studied ALL week for her first BIG Social Studies test!!! Her test was on Friday (the same day as Kaleb's surgery)...Well, I went to pick her up from school on Monday and right away, I could tell that something was wrong...she opened the back of the car and said, "I'm NOT having a good day at all". She gets in the front seat and starts bawling that she got a "75" on her big test and to top it off...she didn't make Student Councel...that no one voted for her....Bless her heart, no one really knows her yet, she's going to the Magnet school and all of her friends went to the other Middle she was pissed...LOL. So we get home and start doing homework and she's getting ready to practice her instruments for Band and forgot her band book. Then, I'm talking to Bill and she comes out bawling again saying that her hermit crab died and that Nemo hasn't moved at all....but hopefully I looked up on the internet about hermit crabs and molting, so hopefully that is what it is doing....because so far, it doesn't stink...LOL!!!! But good news is that Danielle got her first progress report and had all "A's"....Woohoo!!!!! Plus for her fundraiser for school....she sold $225.00....Great job Danielle!!!!

Here's a recent photo of the kids actually getting along and playing together...doesn't happen too often...don't ask what they are wearing....its 90 degrees outside and both of my kids have their scarfs, hats on to play outside....Kids being it!!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Update on Kaleb's Surgery!!!!

Well, went to see Dr. Gardner in Orthopedics today to get Kaleb's arm x-rayed and he's definitely having surgery on Friday, Sept. 12th. He said that both bones are 99% healed and that one looks like its never been broken, but he says that the other rod looks like it has rotated abit in the bone and that there's still a hairline crack in it, but that it's nothing to worry about.....I sure hope not!!!!
It's suppose to be a fairly quick procedure to pull both rods out...they will just go back in through the original incisions and pull both rods back out. Unfortunately, he will have to wear the hard brace for atleast another month after surgery, for extra protection. But the doctor did say that Kaleb is fine to ride his bike and scooter....okay, what????
Please keep Kaleb in your thoughts and prayers.
This is Kaleb the day after he broke his arm, April 16th....its been along 5 months!!!!!
***NEW DARE CHALLENGE is up over at AscrappinFriendsy"....its a scary one!!!!***
Come on over and check it out:
With all of the craziness with Hurricanes and tropical Storms lately, it got me wondering about things that scare us. What is something that scares you? I know that everyone has something that they are frightened of…..spiders, snakes, storms, etc. My challenge to you this week is to scrap about a fear that you have, whether it be insects, thunder storms or even a scary dream that you’ve had. Tell us ALL about it!!!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Getting back into the swing of things!!!!

Well, Bill got back into town on Thursday evening and its been a nice and relaxing weekend. He took Kaleb shrimping and fishing over the weekend and Kaleb was too excited that he "caught" his first fish before dad caught his first...LOL!!!! He's been helping dad with mowing the grass.....boy, has he been missing him alot lately!!! We went to a neighbor's barbeque yesterday for Labor Day and had a blast....ate lots of good food, kids played football for a good couple of hours and mom had an AWESOME margarita, okay maybe 2 or 3......YUM!!!!

Well, I had to start picking Danielle up from Middle school, because her ride home was 2+ hours everynight and she wasn't getting home until 5pm...she was cranky, moody, car sick....forget it!!! So I made arrangements for Kaleb to come home with another friend everyday and I will pick up Danielle from school along with my neighbor's son. So good!!!

Kaleb is going to have Surgery to have his rods removed from his arm on September 12.....he is so ready to be able to ride his scooter & bike again!!! This has been a long 5 months since he broke his arm, back in April. He's so ready, he's been asking me non-stop....."When am I getting my rods out, mom"... bless his heart, but he's a sport!!!!!!

Well, I'm on my last month as Guest Designer over at ASF(ascrappinfriendsy) is my latest layout that I did for the September newsletter, we had to use trees on our layouts.....if you haven't checked out their site.....Go on over, great group of ladies over there!!!!
Have a GREAT week!!!!!