Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Getting back into the swing of things!!!!

Well, Bill got back into town on Thursday evening and its been a nice and relaxing weekend. He took Kaleb shrimping and fishing over the weekend and Kaleb was too excited that he "caught" his first fish before dad caught his first...LOL!!!! He's been helping dad with mowing the grass.....boy, has he been missing him alot lately!!! We went to a neighbor's barbeque yesterday for Labor Day and had a blast....ate lots of good food, kids played football for a good couple of hours and mom had an AWESOME margarita, okay maybe 2 or 3......YUM!!!!

Well, I had to start picking Danielle up from Middle school, because her ride home was 2+ hours everynight and she wasn't getting home until 5pm...she was cranky, moody, car sick....forget it!!! So I made arrangements for Kaleb to come home with another friend everyday and I will pick up Danielle from school along with my neighbor's son. So far...so good!!!

Kaleb is going to have Surgery to have his rods removed from his arm on September 12.....he is so ready to be able to ride his scooter & bike again!!! This has been a long 5 months since he broke his arm, back in April. He's so ready, he's been asking me non-stop....."When am I getting my rods out, mom"... bless his heart, but he's a sport!!!!!!

Well, I'm on my last month as Guest Designer over at ASF(ascrappinfriendsy)......here is my latest layout that I did for the September newsletter, we had to use trees on our layouts.....if you haven't checked out their site.....Go on over, great group of ladies over there!!!!
Have a GREAT week!!!!!


Babydoll said...

I sure wish I was there for the shrimp!! LOL!!

Ashley said...
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Tracey Locher said...

I just got caught up on your blog... we were all so CRAZY BUSY this summer!! Glad that Bill is back (at least for the moment!) Sounds like school is good so far... Kaleb's arm... when does the cast come off? Your challenge layouts... GIRL... you are TOTALLY ROCKING THEM!!! I will be posting a challenge over at Tally in the next few days... be sure to check that out, too! Back to FINALLY moving my scrap room... 2 rooms to paint this weekend... Chris' new room and MY new room! Have a GREAT weekend!!!

Michelle said...

me love margarita's!!great layout love the colors!
and your poor dd on the bus for 2 hours that is inSANE!!glad you were able to work something out so you could pick her up i sure would be cranky being on a stinky bus for that long!!i would defintely need at least 2 margaritas!lol

~ AM said...

Hi Laura! Thanks for coming by my blog. You made my day! :)
I love this layout you did, the tree, the colors, all so cool!