Wednesday, January 21, 2009

OMG, I can NOT even believe it!!!!

I definitely think that I NEED to be sitting down, because you are not going to believe what happened today....Kaleb broke his left arm today, playing in the snow....WTH!!??!! Apparently, he was playing on a neighbor's deck and went to throw a snowball and slipped and landed on his arm wrong.......Mind you, we just went threw his "RIGHT" arm that he broke last April and that was a super long process, with two surgeries, inserting rods into each bone, etc...etc....

Well, its broken....both bones in his forearm....they were able to manipulate the bone back into place (with meds, thank god) and splint it. They will cast him next week after they Xray it again. My poor baby....I can't believe he did it again!!! I think I'm still in shock!!!!

Please pray that he heals quickly!!!
Love ya!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We have SNOW.....

Can you believe it....we are actually getting some snow, right now!!!! They cancelled school yesterday, so of course...Danielle and Kaleb were thrilled and they have been out there ALL day!! We have had some snow fights (which btw, I saw from, smashing pumpkins(not mine and I wasn't happy) and just some good old
Just enough of it for the kids to have some fun in and now it can GO!!! I had forgotten how much of a mess it makes, with all the changing of clothes and wet shoes, gloves, hats, etc....UGH ;)

The second prompt is UP for "A Year in your life Art Journals" and its a great one....come check it out. Here is my "Abc's of Me" tin that I made using the Treasured Scrapbooking January Kit #1.....I'm so excited about this, this year....

Here's another layout using the Fabulous January Kit from Treasured Scrapbooking!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Some SAD news..........

Well, my mom called last night and gave me some really sad news...My cousin, Tim passed away unexpectedly yesterday. He was having alot of back pain and was taking Pain Meds for his pain and appartently he overdosed. They're not sure if he mix the meds or he didn't realize he was taking the meds too soon, we're just not really sure. The coroner has ruled it an accident and they are not going to do an autopsy.

He was so young, mid 40's and leaves behind a beautiful wife, Tammy and three children, two that are in college and one that is still at home in High School. Unforuntately, his wife found him yesterday after coming home from work. I can not even imagine the pain that they are in right now.

My Aunt and Uncle are in Las Vegas and flying home to Iowa today to be with the family and plan the funeral arrangements. Please pray for our family, we are all devastated.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Remembering 2008, a New Year and some Reveals

Wow, a new year is on us and taking off with a bang!!!! With the new year comes new goals/resolutions and this is something that I so seriously need to do this year for ME!!! To help me out this year, I've decided to take part in the "ABC's of Me Art Journals" that Rachel is putting together for us.....I followed abit last year, but never really partipicated. Not this year, I'm jumping in with both feet.....Check out the first Prompt, I'm so excited about this....Here is what I created:

This is so much fun and let me tell you....alot of inspiration!!!!

Also, this is my second month being a Designer for Treasured Scrapbooking and Leslie can definitely put together some beautiful is January's Kit #1 that I got to work with this month....Love it!!!

Here are my "Reveals" for the Awesome January Kit!!!
I thought this kit was absolutely perfect for the kids Christmas Photo this year!!!

Here are some other sneak Peeks, but I just can't show you yet, you'll have to come back after the 15th, heehee......

Over at Tallyscrapper...they have a brand NEW Design Team and they are going to be ROCKIN' for sure....Big cyber crop this weekend, so come check it out!!!
Christine challenged us to do a challenge to recap many wonderful and not so wonderful things happened with us last year....Bill traveled alot more, Kaleb broke his arm and had two surgeries, Danielle WON county for her Speech Contest, Family Vacations to much to get down for last is my layout "Remembering 2008", with 21 photos....Woohoo baby.......{and of course, I had to get my man, it }

Some recent layouts that I've done....