Friday, February 26, 2010

Get Sassy with the Dirty FITgirl's Blog HOP!!!!

Sassy Lil' Sketches, Dirty Scraps, & ScrapFIT are excited to
join forces to bring you a mini-blog hop challenge for your enjoyment!

At each of the 3 challenge blogs you will get a requirement for your layout, starting with the FABuLous Sketch from Sassylil'Sketches!!! Then you will move on to Dirty Scraps,to get the **theme** of your layout!! And for your last StOP on the HOP, you will move on to ScrapFit, to add that last little element!!!
Here is my layout for this Blog Hop...
"This is Why..."

Journaling says: This is why...I truly believe this is why I'm be a mom, wife, friend!! To be able to see the laughs, smiles and love!! I get so much joy in watching you grow..I couldn't have asked for more!! I love you! Feb'2010

**Link up your "Get Sassy with the Dirty FITgirls" layout to Sassy Lil' Sketches,
Dirty Scraps & ScrapFIT by midnight Sunday, Feb 28th
to have a chance to win a prize at all 3 challenge blogs**

*****Also, the NEXT DirtyScraps Challenge#4 is UP ladies and its an AWESOME one...check it out...*****

Dirty Scraps Challenge #4:
In Your Eyes-
When I talk to the people I love or friends I often ask myself "Who are they looking at? What glasses are they using?" It's amazing how much less/more critical we would be on ourselves if we saw what others saw. So this challenge is to Scrap a page through someone else's eyes.
Either how someone see YOU (ask them or journal words they have used before) Or scrap a page about how you see someone else. I mean how you REALLY see them. Why they see you that way? Why you see them that way? Think about it and reflect, it might give you some new insight or even compassion (for others or yourself).
Now go get dirty!

Here is my layout for this challenge. I also did this for Creative Scrappers Challenge #92...

"Love you Mom"

Journaling: I look at you and what I see is a very beautiful, compassion and loving person. I am so thankful for you everyday and that we have such a special bond. I wish you could see what I see and that you would believe it yourself, like I do. You have feelings and shouldn't let dad talk to you like need to stand up for yourself and express your opinions to him! I don't believe I've ever heard you talk to him the way he talks to you!! I know he loves you, but just doesn't realize what he has in you and doesn't stop to think before he speaks. But that is NO excuse. You deserve more then that. I think you have a beautiful soul and I wanted to tell you, how much I love you!!

Thanks for stopping by, my friends....

Sunday, February 21, 2010

What a CRAZY couple of Weeks!!!

Man, I don't even know where to much as been going on in the Miller household...first off, my lovely computer of three years crashed and burned about 2 weeks ago...I signed on and left to take the kiddos to the bus and when I got back home, their was a Norton Message, so I shut the computer down and the damn thing would NOT start up for anything. We aren't sure if we had a virus or if the hard drive just crashed, but our computer friend thinks that the hard drive just crashed. So in the meantime, I was using the computer at the library, till our friend could come look at it, then we GOT SNOW...7+ inches, so our friend was delayed coming home and the library was closed and I had NO computer...I was so lost without my friendly friend...Then Bill fINALLY had his surgery on his vocal cords. We had been fighting with our insurance company and they finally approved it...and that was on Monday in Chapel Hill, NC, which is about 21/2 hours away...the surgery went great, he's just having some pain, of course!! But the next day after his surgery, he took me to Best Buy and bought me a NEW computer and Printer...Thank Goodness!!!! As alot of you know, I scrapbook and my editting program on my old computer, while the NEW one didn't have, so I decided to get Adobe Photoshop Elements 8...Can I say LOST!!! I figured out a few things on it...have LOTS to learn still. Okay, enough ranting about my computer....Check out some of my Snow Photos from this past weekend(of course, these have NOT been editted at all)....

Also, Check out the current Workout #14 over at ScrapFit...
The Power of One
is what Workout #14 is all about!
You have to do a Monochromatic LO using either pink, red, white or black!
3 Scrappy Boys is the sponsor for this workout and below is the awesome prize that Heather has donated. Go check them out! They have a great online store with monthly kits along with a forum and gallery!

Here is my layout for this Workout...

Lets hope that is it for awhile...
Later,my friends!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Ohlala, the Tallyscrapper **February** Kit is HAWT!!!

SOOOOooooooo, basketball is over for Danielle(boohoo)...I just LOVE watching her play, but in the end, they had 7 wins and only 1 loss, WOOHOO NBMS LadyBears!!!!...not bad at all!!! So now its on to Mr. Kaleb...we just signed him up for Soccer, now mind you...he has NOT played in over 2 years, because of broken arms, but he is VERY excited and I'm ready to grab my chairs and head out to the soccer fields every Saturday.

So this week, I have been working on the AmaZing February Kit from is so yummy, lots of pinks, blues, greens, so frickin' gorgeous..check out what I've done with the kit so far:

Rockin' Girls
This is my daughter and niece playing together...they were dancing and singing to music and trying on all of Danielle's Crazy hats..
I also used Awesome Sketch #89 from Creative Scrappers for this layout:

Me in 2010
Just a few of the things that I want to do this year..kind of a reminder to me!!!

E & L
Just a layout about my niece, Emma, finally letting me hold her without crying!!!
I also did Sketch #90 from CreativeScrappers...LOVE their sketches!!!

I also participated in the 1-Hour Sketch Contest over at ScrapFit for this layout!!
Super Bad Kitty

Monday, February 1, 2010

ScrapFit Reveals and our little Winter Storm!!!!

Let me just say, it has been quite a weekend...well first off, we got our winter storm late friday night into Saturday morning...heehee, no snow...just alittle bit of ice...I took a few pics before the day got above freezing...

Then I decided to take Danielle and her friend to the movies with my girlfriend to see the matinee "When in Rome" and after we ate lunch at Applebees, I was heading to the gas station and damn,if I didn't run out of gas(right across from the damn gas station, my luck)...Are you kidding me? Luckily, I had some nice men and the Canine Patrol push my car out of the way of frickin' embarrassing...I guess its about time to get my gas gage fixed, huh....LOL :) But we did make it to the movie on time and it was a cute movie!!!

SO today is REVEAL DAY over at ScrapFit...this is my first challenge since I made the Design Team and I'm so excited to show you WORKOUT#13:

**For Workout#13, we have a GUEST DESIGNER--PINKY!!! A couple years back she made this amazing card that got me into card making and since it is the month of love I thought this would be perfect.
Here is the LINK to Pinky's tutorial on making a BRA CARD!!!!

**That is the WORKOUT**--to make a bra card for your hubby/boyfriend for Valentines or just for a friend to "show them you support them" or "thank them for there support"!!
Here is my Bra Card for this Workout...check it out:

**Challenge Due Date is February 28th**
And look at the AWESOME prize from Tallyscrapper for WORKOUT#13...

Also, this month over at ScrapFit...Kelly is starting to do Monthly Challenges from some of the Design Team and this month was my turn...Since its Valentine's Day in a few weeks, I decided to do a Valentine's Day Challenge...All the details are HERE
Here is my layout for my challenge:

**My Valentine's Gift**

Have a GREAT week!!