Saturday, August 1, 2009

It's my Birthday TODAY!!!!

WOW, here it is again....another year and well.....we won't even discuss my age right now, lets just say, I'm knocking on 40!!!! Had a GREAT birthday, my hubby and two awesome sweet kids brought me breakfast in was soooo cute, pancakes with a candle on it....they said they couldn't FIT them ALL on the pancake...heehee, lol ;) I had LOTS and LOTS of birthday wishes from all of my great friends online and IRL. Went to dinner at Olive Garden and to see "The Ugly Truth" with my good friend, Beth....OMG, that movie is sooo dang funny!! Definitely NOT a kids movie!!!!

Okay, now on to my Treasured Scrapbooking Reveal for the Fabulous August Kit #2....these papers were absolutely perfect for some pics from the Texas TallyRally last month....Check it out.........I, of course, had to add the corncob photo, since we had LOTS and LOTS of fun in the cornfields and the other two photos are from a furniture store that Cristal, Dolores, Shawna and I found while getting of course, we had to get photos....

I also got a "The Circle of Friends" Award from my good friend, Aymee....girl, you are just the sweetest....thank You SO mUCH!!!

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*Cristal (Pinky's)

Thanks for stopping by....Love you guys!!!!