Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Its been so CRAZY....Bring Spring On, Pretty Please!!!!

Its still abit cold here in these parts, but I'm so ready for springtime and all that it brings....warm days, flowers, gardening and so much more....I've noticed in the last week that my daffodils are starting to bloom and I just love it!!!

Its been a couple of crazy weeks here in our household....Kaleb got his NEW cast on Monday afternoon....and I had to take him back in this morning to have another one, their was a sharp piece that was rubbing his skin and only getting worse. On Monday, the ortho doctor said that kaleb should hopefully have his cast off in three weeks....just in time for summer!!!!

Danielle's Team "Lady Tarheels" lost their All-star basketball game on Saturday....they were all so bummed and disappointed, but they ALL gave 100% and had an AWESOME season. The team will have their end of the season barbeque on Saturday afternoon.....and in a couple months, Danielle starts basketball camp that will last for about 8 months, its abit pricey, but so worth it!!

On the homefront, Bill and I decided to buy a NEW washer & dryer and of course, I was on board with that, especially with all the laundry I do and the fact that our dryer just broke and the warranty had run out in December!!! And can I just say....I AM IN LOVE!!!!

But before they were delivered, I told Bill that I wanted to paint the laundry always looks so disgusting and so he was so sweet and painted it for me before he left on this work trip. LOVE it!!! And yes, we paid the extra $$ for the pedestals.....When Bill gets back from this trip, I think we are going to buy 2 cabinets to go above the washer and dryer. Aren't they pretty???

Survivor is BACK ON and I'm so glad.....LOVE this show. I'm also doing the Survivor Challenges over at Tallyscrapper and here is my layout for Week 2:
This was a great challenge from ONE awesome chick, thanks Christi!!!

I've been super busy, so I haven't had alot of time to scrap, but I did get this cute heart mini album done....that I just love!!!


latte_grande said...

Hot damn, chickie, that is one ROCKIN' laundry room!! Cabinets up top are a great idea, much better than shelves that show all the crap, kwim? :)

Amazing layout, and I love that heart mini! Now bring on summer!!

TraceyT said...

What fun it is to look at beautiful summer pages and photos of daffodils. THANKS

Love that new washer and dryer set. ENJOY

jen11089 said...

Will you please send some spring my way??? pretty please??? :)
LOVE the laundry room girl!Is it bad that I'm so jealous of the space you have?! hee hee :)

Babydoll said...

Just stopping by to say hello. I love your new creations. Cute stuff. :)

Dolores said...

I love your survivor layout, and the heart album is gorgeous!

Eva said...

WOW....beautiful flowers and awesome laundry room indeed. I would love those, too....

WOW, also on your projects, they are just gorgeous!!

Michelle Lanning said...

I love that washer/dryer set -- they work like a dream! And of course your mini is adorable!