Friday, December 12, 2008

Treasured Scrapbooking "Holiday Cheer CrOP", Holiday Band Concerts and Xmas Ornaments!!!

My first Official Treasured Scrapbooking"Holiday Cheer Crop" is this weekend!!!!We have got some AWESOME challenges planned, so come out and play with us!!!!

My challenge for this weekend's crop is "Bah Humbug", where you scrap about things that make you say "Bah Humbug", such as long lines, crowds, No $$, out of stock get the picture!!!! I did my layout on "Christmas Lights".....they drive me CrAzzzY!!!! You get them too all work, put them up and they DON'T work!!!!
Also, I worked on my ornament for the Survivor Challenge over at Tallyscrapper....this was so much FUN!!! Check it out, isn't it pretty!!!! And it goes to my favorite girl, Christine!!!!

Danielle also had her Holiday Band Concert last night at her school.....and it was absolutely beautiful!!! Each grade played individually and it was amazing to see how far they have come in just 9 weeks...I was so proud of her!!!! Of course, we are going through the program looking for her name and to my surprise...she put her NICKNAME, I wanted to strangle her.....silly girl!!!!


Patti H said...

I am so with you on those darn lights! Loved your bah humbug layout as well as your ornament! Great work!!

createdmonster said...

Love the ornament!! And, don't feel alone on the "DJ" thing. They put Hayden as Taylor's last name!!

scrapnnMO said...

Stunning projects Laura! That ornament is soo cute and I'm still going to make one. Love you creativity! HUGS, Dawn