Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Omg, I can't believe that year 2009 is almost here...where did the year go!!! Well, since I've been such a bad blogger and haven't even posted any Christmas photos...I thought I would share some!!!

We got a late start on putting up our Christmas tree this year, because Bill was traveling for work....I think we finally got candy canes on the tree maybe a week before Christmas!!! Of course, not everyone can be happy all of the time, hence my son!! heehee!!!!

Making Christmas Cookies on Christmas Eve for Santa Claus!!

Dad eating off the sprinkles off the table as the kids were decorating them!! Kaleb licking the knife....don't ask, I swear that boy...heehee!!!

We had a wonderful got so much and loved it all!!! Santa brought Danielle an Ipod and Kaleb a new bike.

Look at Kaleb's expression....that cracks me up....too funny ;)
Hoping you had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!
So what else have I been up to....lets see, here's a couple of layouts that I've done recently:
Oh yeah.....I got my January "Treasured Scrapbooking" KIT....and let me just say...YUMMIE, bigtime!!! I got Kit #1 this month and its got some bright & pastel colors in it with maybe alittle bit of bling and some old vintage too...LOVE it!!!
Okay, how about some sneaky Peeks into it.........


Michelle said...

great pictures LJ!love the one of Danielle showing her book and Kaleb in the back round!cracking me up!lol...loving the sneaky peaks peeking my interest!!love LOVE the me & 2009 layout!Fab girly!

gab423 said...

Love your photos and I have to tell kids are just beautiful!

Shirley said...

Such fun Christmas photos Laura! Your kiddos are so cute!

Roni said...

marry last xmas & wishing u & ur fam's a happy new yr! miss u girl!

Kimmie0270 said...

What great pictures! You obviously had a fabulous Christmas... Nicky is starting a Candy Cane obsession

Daisymeh said...

Awesome photos Laura! It looks like everyone had a great Christmas.

I love your layouts too! Gorgeous.

Happy New Year!

Aimee (aka carolinagirl) said...

Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!!! Love these layouts and the sneakies of the TS stuff!

I was just stopping by to say how much I enjoy looking at your blog and wanted to pass on the "Kreative Blogger" award to you! Please check it out on my website!!!

scrapnnMO said...

OMG you are so creative and I love everything you do.

But I have something for you on my blog! :)

just lisa said...

Super fun photos of Christmas and I love your layouts - sooo pretty!!

Happy New Year!!

AbbieTorroll said...

Great pictures! Looks like you all were VERY good this year:) Love your newest pages girl!