Thursday, January 6, 2011

Changes for 2011

OMG, Happy New Year....
I still can't believe
that it is
I swear time is just
flying by.
So of course I've made
the usual New Years
*Eat Healthier
*Exercise More
I'm making a few different
ones this year....

**I'm going to do a 5k with my bff, Pam(my first, so we'll see how it goes)

**Keep up with my laundry and house more

**Going to find me a part-time job

I don't know if those are really the proper-type of resolutions to make...but i don't care...this is about me and what I need to do for me!!!!

2011 is going to be a great year and alot of BIG changes for our family. Bill found out in December that he will be retiring on June 1st from the Marine Corps. Honestly, this scares the crap out of me, but I know that he is ready to move on with the next chapter of his life. Which is why ONE of my resolutions is to find a pt!! We are hoping that he can find a job here in Jacksonville, NC, since we already have a house, plus Danielle will be starting High School next year...Yikes!! So ALOT of changes ahead for us this year!! Please pray for our family!!

So the next big change for me so far this year is......

Yep, I went dark!! OMG, I was competely in shock when I first saw my hair, wasn't sure if I would like it, since I have ALWAYS been blonde, but its growing on me. Thanks for all the nice comments on facebook!!!

So I do believe that covers MY big changes so far this year and some of my resolutions that I want to accomplish this year!!

On another note...I've been struggling with scrapbooking lately, not the process, but just some personal issues that I was having(not going to get into it all, those who scrap with me at Tally, know what I'm talking about)but I do believe that is changing for the better.

Here are a couple of layouts that I have completed in the last week or so....

**Diva** I used the Nov/Dec. kit from Tallyscrapper for this layout. I just love this photo of my daughter...shows her personality perfectly!!

**Thankful** I used the December kit from Little Red Scrapbook Club for this layout.

Happy New Year to all my family and friends!!


Karen AKA Soccerboyzmom said...

Sounds like you have a plan and just to let you know a resolution deals with you and not anyone else (only family) so they are fine ones to work on.
Miss seeing your work and guess what? I am a DT for SLS starting in February.

Pinky said...

Love that Diva LO!

Liz said...

All will work itself out.
You are brillant and your work speaks for itself.
I hope things go well and will pray all goes smooth Highschool lol your picture doesn't look like you have a highschooler.

Change is hard I know.. I'm still in a funk over all of mine, but it will work out.


meluv2scrap said...

Love the look of your blog!!! The hair is great, too. I am doing my first 5k next month. GO gettem girl!!!

Jodi said...

I looove your new do...stunning photo of yourself!!!! As always your work is so inspirational!!! Diva is my fave!

ChristyR said...

You know I love your hair, love the blog changes and I LOVE that you are running a 5k! I picked up a NikePlus and it was/still is the biggest motivator for me. As for've got the gift of keeping those memories and taking great pics. I'm sorry that something/someone put you in a funk! Love ya. Go Get 2011!!

kateisner said...

Love the new hair color and your layouts are rockin!