Sunday, April 25, 2010

Busy, Busy.....BUSY!!

I swear, I seriously need like three of ME...that would help out tremendously!! Between Soccer tourament games, broken butts and ER visits, Hubby coming home, scrapbooking...its been CRAZY!! Okay, your wondering about the broken butt...well, my dear DJ fractured her tailbone last saturday at a Retirement Party up the street on a blow-up bouncy thing...she's doing alot better, she's just really sore and has to carry a pillow with her everywhere!! Kaleb had his last soccer game yesterday...they played such a GREAT game and they ended up tying it up, but when they went to goal shots, they lost by one and didn't win...Boohoo!!!

I've got some exciting NEWS...I was participating in the March Madness Contest over at Timeless Daydreams, it was FIVE weeks of Awesome Challenges by both Michele and Dolores and Well, I WON one of the three Guest Designer spots...WOOHOO, So excited...they put out the best KITS :) Here was my last layout for Round had to be an "All about ME" layout...

"This is ME...Today"

Next Challenge is UP for Dirty Scraps:
Challenge #8:
COMPASSION, there is definitely a lack of compassion in this world that is full of judgment. So this challenge is all about compassion, maybe it will give someone else perspective on having compassion and less judgment, maybe it will make you think twice next time? So scrap a page about yourself, and something you "wish" people would stop judging you about and have compassion for you about. Not feel sorry, not pity you, but have some compassion because they don't know the whole
story. Let's spread the love and get some insight on life :)

Here is my layout for this challenge:
I'm just sayin'..Don't JUDGE!!

Come on over and join us!!!!
Have a GREAT week!!!


kmassman said...

Love these layouts! I've put you in my RSS feed!

Dayna said...

Gorgeous LO's!!! I love the flowers and journaling on your first LO!!

Liz said...

That is so so cool

Katie said...

Wow, you have a lot going on! Congrats on the GDT! Wonderful new layouts with wonderful details!

Becky said...

fantastic work and congrats. You so deserve it.

Leah Crowe said...

you rocked those challenges Laura!! CONGRATS on GDT!!!