Saturday, August 23, 2008

School is ALMOST here!!!!

Well, we have been going to school orientations, meeting teachers, getting supplies packed up and Tuesday is the day!!!!! But in the meantime, we've been having some fun at the pool this week.....Kaleb was having so much have doing his jumps, dives and of course, his cannonballs...I don't know how many time I heard, "Mom, look at my cannonball" and then Danielle reading her book....she's been obsessed with her book and was determined to finish it and did!!!

And I just love this picture of my little man....gotta love those freckles, just like his mom!!!

Today we have been going through clothes and man have both of my kids grown...I bought Danielle tennis shoes at the end of school size 6 and just got her 71/2.....OMG. All of Kaleb's jeans from last winter are about an inch too oh man.....time to start winter clothes shopping!!!! Before we even got started going through Kaleb's clothes, he was too clean his room up and so I went to check on him and he got caught red-handed sleeping on the job..........(he spent the night with his friend Caleb and they didn't go to sleep until thats tired...LOL!!! LOOK AT THE MESSY ROOM!!!!!

I also got my Olympic Challenge done today for Week 3 over at Tallyscrapper and let me tell you, did Leah give us one tough challenge.....

USA is currently in first with the most medals! With a combination of Gold, Silver, and Bronze totaling 95 medals! Amazing isn't it? You've been scrapping your little hearts out, working relentlessly to come away victorious against Team Crowe. You guys always put up one heckuva good fight! Last week was about bare essentials… this week, however, is about stamina.Going the distance. Rallying behind one another to keep each other going.How much is too much? Can you pile it on to take the Gold medal?Brave enough to weather the elements? We're about to find out. Breaking down the medal count for USA, as of Thursday afternoon, looked like this: Gold: 29 Silver:34Bronze: 32 Your challenge:*Use something Gold on your layout… and 29 pieces of pattern paper (no more no less)*Use something Silver on your layout… and 34 stickers (no more, no less)*Use something Bronze (or copper colored) on your layout… and 32 brads (no more, no less)*IN addition to the above, I also want to see 95 things about YOU on the layout, in your own handwriting.*Everything else is up to you!



Pamela Ann said...

OMG!! Look at kaleb,sleeping like a log. I wish I could sleep that good! Ashley outgrew all but one pair of jeans from last year,but I knew they would not be abe to fit her when she was at the end of the season. So we gave all those $$ "limited too" jeans to a school friend.Makes you wanna cry out buying new stuff all over again.
I LOVE your layout. I am hoping I have more time this week.

Charlee said...

Those pics are GREAT!!!

Oh...and by the way? Go read my've been tagged!! ~grin~

Christine said...

layout is awesome! Your pictures are great!

Michelle said...

yeah school!!mine start on Thursday double YEAH!! love the picture of Kaleb
WOW girl you soo ROCK'D Leah's Challenge totally amazing beautiful layout!i'm speechless i love it!need to go and give it some loving on TS!!

Wanda said...

oh my gosh that layout is the most awesome thing! Wow - I think I would have had to throw in the towel on that challenge! You rocked it.